Road to the Future

We are a community-funded DAO working towards creating passive income opportunities by investing in Metaverse PlaytoEarn & NFTs.

Decentralization at the Core

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to create as many passive investment opportunities as possible and distribute great rewards within the community.


Investment Areas

IBCDAO is investing, building out, and supporting the future of blockchain technologies. To that end we are currently putting our resources into the following asset classes.

Metaverse Lands

Metaverse is going to be the biggest play of this decade. And having a piece of unique virtual land in leading metaverses like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity will create many income-generating opportunities for our DAO members.

In-Game Assets

Our DAO will generate passive income for all stakeholders by renting our in-game NFTs to players. With more promising projects entering the gaming space, we plan to expand our treasury to meet the requirements of all IBC players.

Yield Generating and PFP NFTs

In addition to PFP NFTs like those found here IBCDAO is investing in yield generating NFTs which will allow us to continue to have exposure to best performing NFT projects and earn a high annual yield on the sidelines.

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IBC DAO is a community focused on investments and expansion of passive income for its members. Join us in this endeavor and help us make it great.