About the DAO

IBCDAO embodies the essence of decentralization with a dedicated founding team spread across the globe. United and ignited by the community of blockchain, IBCDAO aims to bring value and achievement into the lives of all of its present and future members. IBCDAO is more than a financial outcome, its more than a membership. IBCDAO is about building the future of blockchain and the intersection of real life and the metaverse.

Play. Earn. Repeat

Play-to-earn is creating a paradigm shift in the gaming industry by providing a stable source of income. Community-led guilds like IBC DAO help players join this gaming revolution by investing in NFTs, metaverse plots, and early-stage P2E games.

Not Your Average Dao

IBC DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is driven by the collective power of its members. We are building the future of the gaming landscape and the intersection of real-life and the metaverse through a gaming guild.

Why choose IBC DAO?

We know it's hard to figure out play-to-earn games in the ever-changing blockchain gaming space. So we will help you with everything from setting up your account and training you with the best game strategies to maximize your earning potential.

We also realize the cost of capital to play some of these games is high. As a result, it is preventing gamers from monetizing their skills. With IBC DAO, you will never face any such entry barriers. We provide you with all the NFTs you require to play the game and give you the largest cut of the revenue sharing program.

The entire community has a vision to uplift people’s lives through play in many developing countries. We want all of you to join us in this endeavor.

IBC DAO Investment Areas

Metaverse Lands

Metaverse is going to be the biggest play of this decade. And having a piece of unique virtual land in leading metaverses like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity will create many income-generating opportunities for our DAO members.


We will continue to utilize a portion of the initial funds to buy proven PFP NFT projects. This will also allow us to explore more play-to-earn opportunities while still growing the IBC DAO treasury.

In-Game Assets

Our DAO will generate passive income for all stakeholders by renting our in-game NFTs to players. With more promising projects entering the gaming space, we plan to expand our treasury to meet the requirements of all IBC players.

Yield Generating NFTs

An intersection between DeFi and NFTs produces yield generating non-fungible tokens. We plan to invest in these types of assets to have exposure to best performing NFT projects and earn a high annual yield on the sidelines.

IBC Roadmap

Building A Passionate Community

We are currently building the IBC DAO with two genesis batches. Genesis A team is already recruited, and we will soon accept more members to join our community. In three months, IBC DAO will be open to public members.

Raising Initial Funds

We are going to raise two initial funds internally before the DAO is open to the public. Both of them will be crowdfunded by our genesis members.

Establishing Communication

We have a diverse group of people coming from different parts of the world, so it's highly important to establish proper communication channels. This phase mainly involves setting up a snapshot for proposals and expanding our knowledge base on public platforms like Github and Mirror.

Launching Our First Guild

IBC DAO will grow its treasury with NFTs and metaverse plots to give good exposure to our genesis members. Once we set up our guild with community managers, we will start onboarding players and active them in batches.